1. Pay a non refundable 50.00 via Paypal at and give service for twelve hours or
2. Pay a refundable 50.00 via Paypal at and 
give service for sixteen hours.
Either way, you will receive a smoking hot t – shirt and a meal voucher for the production commissary for each six hour shift as well as access to early arrival.
Thanks again for making the dream come true!
The departments that will need volunteers are:
Box Office
Build Crew
Strike Crew
Artist Hospitality
Art Gallery
Site Lighting and Deco
Art Cruz
Trash Pirates
We will need volunteers to start on Tuesday April 25th and end Tuesday May 2nd.
To make this work gracefully, just put the dept. you would like to work in (we will do our best) and when you will be onsite and ready for a first shift in the comments of your Paypal payment. 
You will get your schedule as soon as payment is made and info given.
We look forward to making this the best Boogaloo ever! 
From all of us at Boogaloo HQ, thanks again for putting your efforts where your heart is!